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6 year still in pullups

My daughter is 6 and a half still in nappies at night
Been day toilet trained since around 12 months old.
She’s asked to give a go in undies and iv obliged she’s been 2/4 nights dry.
I just woke her up then and toook to the toilet she weed and went straight back to sleep.
Has this worked for anyone we’re your child gradually able to stay dry over night by just waking to take them to pee for a bit?


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I had two bedwetters. Both are fully dry now aged 8 and 12. The pathways in their brains haven't fully formed yet so it is usually just a matter of time. You can go to an enurisis nurse. They can help by giving you a mat that makes an alarm everytime your child wets. That wakes them up and helps to form the pathways in their brain betweentheir bladder being full and waking up to go to the toilet. They will also encourage your child to drink alot of water, particularly one full glass before bed. This does actually really help. This is because if you are dehydrated, your wee is more concentrated and the body will get want to get rid of it. It will hold on to the urine better if it is less concentrated.
I used to wake my kids up around 10pm to go to the toilet. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not.
One thing I noticed about my two, that might not be the same for your child, is that they tend to wee the bed when they are cold.

 I forgot to add that there is medication that they can take if you have exhausted other methods.
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It's trial and error. They need to be able to wake. The brain must send that signal to wake. You could get her in the habit of before she goes to bed. Limiting intake of fluid close to bed and the re toileting before you go to bed. I was lucky both of my kids were good with toileting and didn't wet the bed now 9 & 11 and I think all up we've had the bed wet 4 / 5 Times.

Some kids get it some don't.

I started training my 6 yr old this month. He went through the same phase as your daughter. Dry for half of the first 8 days. I never woke him and he just started to get better with time. I do make him go to the toilet before bed. If he is still awake 30mins after bedtime I get him to go to the toilet again. We are now at the end of the month down to 1 day wet out of a week. He is slowly improving with just trying again. I chose not to wake him during the night but did consider it.

They will when their brain "clicks" my daughter is almost 9 and never been dry at night. We've seen doctors etc and shes just no there yet.

I don’t think Bedwetting at age 6 is a huge red flag, but your GP will be able to give you some guidance on what age to be more concerned. There are also hormones at play with staying dry over night. I can’t remember the name of the specific hormone, but there is one that actually signals to your body to produce less urine while you’re asleep. Sometimes it’s just a matter of kids needing a little more time. There is testing for this hormone and I know someone who had their child on tablets to help stimulate the hormone. But they were older, around 12yrs I think.
I have lots of friend who have had success with sitting their kids on the toilet around 9:30-10pm and they virtually do a wee in their sleep. Good luck!