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Easy healthy dinner ideas

I'm pregnant and so exhausted i just don't have the energy to stand in the kitchen for ages. Any recommendations for quick and easy but healthy meal ideas would be great.


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This has been moderated. Many perfectly acceptable suggestions that were here have mysteriously disappeared. Thought police are about and busy !

OP Oh no! :( i didn't get to see them ☹
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Definately pull out the slow cooker! There’s a group on Facebook called ‘slow cooker recipes for families’ which is based on a slow cooker recipe book you can buy and they have lots of yummy recipes all tried and tested by everyone in the group 🙂

When I was pregnant I bought a slowcooker I threw everything into it few hours later all done.
For example a whole chicken can be cooked on low for about 4hours 5min before dishing up microwave some frozen vegetables and your done too easy.

OP Iv got a slow cooker, might have to pull it out. Are there any other slow cooker ideas you can suggest too? My brain hasn't been working lately
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 There's a slow cooker recipe facebook page :)
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Tonight I am doing a quinoa stirfry. Cook that and just chuck all veggies in. Easy and yum.

Chop up some salad and put a pot of rice on

I make batches of pasta sauce that's basically just veggies ... freeze it all in portions and then I just cook pasta add sauce done

I'll often do just grab plates
Tomatoe cekery mango grapes cucumber broccoli spinach maybe a slice of bread with avo.

Meat and salad is my quick go to.

OP Yep iv been doing that a fair bit lately
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