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At a loss of how to help someone detox from marijuanna

i want to help him through his withdrawls as he is a long time user. I love him with all my heart but I know it will also be a very testing time. He tells me I just need to let him be and do it on his own. So hard to do when I want to make sure he is ok. Any advice would be very much appreciated.


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If he has asked you to leave him to do it on his own, then respect it. Just be there when he needs you to be. I was a long term heavy marijuana user. Not a terrible thing to detox from as far as detoxing goes. Giving up cigarettes was much harder! It's more psychological than anything. Learning to not need the drug to help you through the day is the toughest part. And that just takes time. Finding a new normal, and finding out how to enjoy life again sober, without being stoned . Which he will do if he is determined enough

OP Thank you, he has done it before but he then got onto synthetic, then went back to the normal stuff and now here we are again.
I'm dreading the time when it comes to him giving up smokes lol.
But in all seriousness I have to respect his wishes to do it on his own.
He never smokes the drug during the day as he works so it is most definetly psychological. Just got to help him find a new normal...

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What symptoms is he getting. 1 rough week of headaches & loss of appetite + some moodiness is quite normal. First week is the hardest. Maybe if he stays busy it will help.

OP No symptoms yet.. He has only started yesterday. And he is still asleep so not really detoxing yet. Today will be a testing day for sure. I will look out for the headaches and moodiness. Hopefully with him working 12 hour days it might help him to come home and eat then sleep.
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He won't go to a doctor. I think I will go out and buy some electrolyte ice blocks. That should help keep him hydrated as he sweats like nothing else! It's awful! I can't make him eat, never have but I can cook it and offer it and hope to god he eats it.

 I never ate and I was sick to my core for weeks, those ice blocks were heaven. If he gets nauseous he may well burn the internals of his chest and they help that too. And you don't need to take him to a dr just if your worried about if he's ok ring a healthline and speak to someone there.
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There is no such thing as a detox from pot. That would be like a detox from cake or from watching good movies. Its just a choice whethet or not to do something enjoyable in moderation. Synthetic is something totally different who knows what that crap is?

You sound like a wonderful friend, OP. I hope he realises that xx

OP Thank you, I hope he does too
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Watch some people say it's not a bad detox it all depends on the person. Make sure he eats. He may lose the urge and have no appetite which is that happens hydrolyte blocks and sweet cordial to sip on. Keep his electrolytes up. Lack is sleeping will also be very hard and if he ends up with nausea you may need a dr to give advice.

 Haha yes, I already said it. Can only go by my own experience with it. Hopefully he will find it not too bad as I did.

But, he isn't a child asking the op for help. She can offer him food, and drink and ice blocks and whatever and he may well refuse. Especially if she is ignoring his request to be left alone. maybe leaving those things would be an idea, but certainly do not push it.

I wouldn't be going to a doctor for advice either. That's up to him. He has said he doesn't want help.

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 No but they are all things to have about and if he ends up as bad as some he will want them. I gave my opinion you gave yours, let's leave it at that shall we.
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 Wasn't trying to start an arguement. I agree with some of what you say. But whatever.
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Got a black eye from the ex when he tried. Not much help sorry x But if he is really struggling a friend of mine quit while on a trip out gold detecting for a week with his Dad. He saw no other humans during this time. That may be the key to get past the worst of it.

OP In and ideal world it would be nice to go away for the week but he still has to work unfortunetly
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 Yeah this friend lost his job because of it, couldn't pee clean when he had to go to a minesite. So he had quite a bit of time on his hands which just made it worse. He's pretty lucky he still has a job alot of heavy users can't keep one for long.
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