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Boyfriend works away

My boyfriend has recently got a job in the mines, we are moving 1300ks from home to suit him for the job. His roster is one week on one week off. Is it hard to cope while being alone or is it all worth it? I have heard him say it’s short term pain, long term gain. On his weeks off I’ll be enjoying myself I just can’t see myself enjoying the weeks he is gone for. What are your experiences?


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I'm a FIFO wife, he'll likely try to get you knocked up to keep you at home and keep you from straying. My husband says this is the advice that the new kids get, don't have children until you're truly happy in your situation. That is all.

I dated a DIDO for a couple of years, lived in a mining town, my SILs partner is FIFO and BIL just tried DIDO and lasted about 5 months.
- It's lonely - put yourself out there and make a concious effort to be social. Get a job and a hobby.
- If you're a drinker, don't turn into an alcoholic. It's often the case in mining towns that there's not much to do for entertainment but drink, so a lot often drink the money away.
- Have a plan. There was a common saying in my town that "they come for a couple of years and stay forever". It's very hard to leave and go back to "normal" income when you've been on that much money. You need to know what the point is for going there. Are you going to save a house deposit? Save to buy an entire house? What's your life plan and, more importantly, what's your exit plan?
- Read the barefoot investor. I know this one sounds random, but you need to have an understanding of money BEFORE you start earning it, because otherwise you're going to just waste it away. Have a weekly budget and savings plan already done up before you get there.
- Don't have kids yet. My SIL has 2 kids and it's such a struggle. Her hubby is addicted to the money and refuses to give it up, she says she trapped now. She has no family there to help out with the kids or ever have any time off. My BIL just left his DIDO job after 5 months because it was just too hard with the kids. Just try the lifestyle for a while and if you think you can fit kids into it (and you honestly wouldn't just be having them for company) then go for it.

If I were you my plan would be to go for 2 - 5 years, save up a good house deposit or complete house payment, and then come back, buy a home and then start the family in your new home now with a well set up life with your friends and family around you.
But everyone is different. You may just love it there and never want to leave!

It is damn hard and I got told it was short term 7 years ago. Be sure and do what’s right for you and kids

 This seems like the right step in the right direction
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 It’s not all bad, money is amazing and lifestyle brilliant, but sometimes you feel lonely or isolated.
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 I’m looking forward to the money that will be coming in and I’m over the moon for him but I am afraid that I will feel lonely, especially not knowing anyone at first
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So you know your going to be lonely and you don’t have kids yet. Have you been to the town your moving to? Until kids come along to keep you busy get involved in the town and any hobbies there are. Rural towns often have amazing sense of community but as young people we often have to put ourselves out there first to be accepted into the community. Good luck.

Do you have children together?

 No but in the planning
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 Don’t have kids please
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Been in the fifo game now for about 10years now main advise just keep busy if you dwell on your situation it will make it worse. Keep a job, keep seeing your friends, find a hobby -just stay busy.
Most importantly have an exit strategy how long is he planning to be there for? keep that goal in mind.

 Thank you, we will need to discuss this
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 Also I forgot become self reliant. If something breaks around your house learn to fix it (the minor stuff) I often find things go wrong when husband is not around. I have seen a fair few disasters without help as he was at work to this day my favourite story is an entire swarm of bees invaded my lounge room about 6 thousand bees (I had young kids as well) I had to deal with then spend quite a few days patching up where they could get in.
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