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Tinder for newbs

Ok so that last time I was single was in 1999, and I’m really scared to use dating apps! I have low self confidence but I really need a bit of lovin lol!! Is tinder that bad??


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If your looking for fun, tinder is great. It’s rare that a relationship will happen, if you want that try another site.
But you must remember to be safe for dates.

1. Tell a trusted person where you are. Give them details. If that isn’t an option catch an Uber or taxi, talk to the driver and get them to see who you are meeting, they don’t need to meet and approve just see their face.
2. Meet in a public place and talk for a while. Try to find somewhere with CCTV cameras and a server like a coffee shop.
3. Before meeting ask for their Facebook/instagram/other social media. Have a stalk. Make sure they have a mix of both male and female friends. You want someone with a profile that is not new, with lots of pictures and interacting with others.
4. Carry condoms with you. Don’t expect them to be prepared. No one wants to get back a positive HIV or Hepatitis B test. Be smart, be safe, take your health into your own hands.
5. Trust your gut. You don’t need to stay if you feel uncomfortable. You can leave. You don’t need to be “polite”.

Most of these are precautions for the minute chance something bad happens. The most likely “bad” thing that will happen is you get a dud root but it is better to be safe than sorry.

 Relying on others a bit much with asking a taxi driver to look at your date and expecting a server to retain any kind of info.
Btw this would only help after you have been raped

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You are so disposable on tinder. I have matched with people and neither messages, or if I do they don;t respond. There is always someone on there to swipe yes or no on. All the people I've met are after casual or a quick hook up. I also have kids so my time is limited which some people don't like.
I have met some good people on there, but never for anything serious, which suits me right now

I found RSVP to be good. They have a system that seems to make it difficult for male scammers.
I dont know anything about Tinder.