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Caring for a child that is not mine

There is a high chance that over the next few months I will have full time care of a currently 3 month old baby. The length of time is unknown.
I have been trying to google child care rebate and Centrelink options.
I am extremely keen to know of others in this situation and if they are able to receive child care rebates and ftb as they do with their own children.
I am a single parent, I work, I would need to be able to put the child into daycare the days I work and a bit of extra ftb would definitely help as I will not be receiving any money otherwise.
If anyone feels the need to treat me like I am trying to sponge from the government I am auctually saving the government from paying for this baby to be in foster care during the time. I most definitely do not want to be taking time off work during this time. I plan to do everything I can to keep the baby out of the system (docs)


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Sorry I have no advice, just want to say good on you for stepping in and taking care of the child. I hope things work well for you both.

Unless you are the legal guardian you will not get any money from Centrelink. Otherwise anyone could try and claim money for other people's children.

I don’t know how it works, but I would think, if the baby is not yours, you would have to have some legal documentation as it’s ‘sole Carer’ to be able to get a benefit for caring for it. Sounds like you are doing an amazing thing here. X

You would be better off calling centrelinka an explaining the situation. I know when filling out claims they mention something about doy ou expect a child to be coming into your care in the next *cant remember how long* months.

By calling Centrelink you will get the most accurate information to your situation. Im sure you will be entitled to extra payments to assist.

You’re doing a wonderful thing.

Yes if you are the legal guardian its the same as if it were your own child in terms of childcare. Ftb depends on your income. Good for you for trying to help. No judgement here!

Maybe the mum could enrol the child in care. The mum will get the bill and cheaper rate and you will pay it.

You and the mother can go thru docs. I know its not a great system, but you'll be able to get some financial help that way.

Thanks to all who replied. I will be calling Centrelink first thing. I was hoping to stumble across someone in the same situation. Panicking at the idea of paying full price childcare. I trust it will work out 😍

 Are you taking the child on as a significant other or kinship care giver thru the department, or just looking after this baby for someone as an arrangement between you both. As if you did that thru docs you would receive foster care subsidy for the child.. I don't know the situation, only that you can receive payments for children thru that department if the department places the child with you, and you'd receive ftb also if this was the case
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OP Arrangement between the mother and I. Avoiding anything to do with docs as once the little one is in the system I believe it would make the situation far worse. I have been a foster carer for a teen years ago and the entire system is flawed. Plus they are understaffed enough as it is without spending time going through the process of dealing with another Bub that ends up just a number and it’s a long process for them to approve me again as it’s been 10 years or so since I last was and i am worried they will place her with someone else while they stuff arse around while doing this.
Child care subsidy and ftb would help greatly, i will be calling centrelink when they open.

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 Yeah good idea calling centrelink! I think you'd need documentation stating you're legal guardian, but centerlink would be able to answer that.
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