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Owning a food truck or market stall?

Does anyone own a food truck/trailer or a market stall?
Really wanting to get into something like this just want to know everyone’s experiences / profit and what they sell ect


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I wouldn't touch it. I have heard complaints from others about those sorts of ventures. Being in Small Business does seem to be very difficult, especially the paperwork aspect. The advertising for that, and Franchising, which I also would not touch, is about "being your own boss", but in reality it seems to be more about "being your own slave".
Long long hours, and very low income.
There is a doughnut van for sale at Petrie Markets, it has been for sale for months. About $14,000 purchase price.
My partner had a franchise, and it took him bankrupt. And we both lost all our assets, in mid life, so it was hard rebuilding everything from scratch.
Have a look at the ideas here on SAHM, for working from home, or get a regular job with an employer who takes all the financial risks. Just make sure your pay, and super contributions are what they should be.

 Agree, especially with the part about avoiding franchises.
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My best friend and her hubby have one. LOTs of work - especially behind the scenes paperwork. Different permits required for every event and each different council. Lots of costs and fees for so many things too. Took them several years to really gain some traction and know what events are worth ot and which ones arent. She wishes theyd never done it - although it was her hubbys dream, not hers. She's stepped back a lot from the whole thing and now has an office job so they have sime guaranteed income. Food trucks can be quite seasonal too.

I wouldn’t touch it. Awful. Costly things they are. Friend has a coffee van which I thought would be amazing but they’ve poured so much money into it with hardly any return. Have tried different Morning coffee routes and festivals but it’s hard to keep sales up. They’re currently trying to sell but no one willing to buy