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Do you enjoy yourselves on family holiday ?

I hate family holidays my hubby doesn’t realise that kids need healthy cooked food most days. Washing needs to be done and when we come home.
Hubby does fuck all day on holidays


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I'm on holiday overseas right now. Its been a shit hole holiday. Hubby and son have played games on their phones most of the time. We've barely done anything. I've had to do the food, washing, cleaning the whole time. What's the point in going on holiday just to do the exact same thing we'd be doing at home???? Seriously it has been the worst, we've done nothing but fight. I'm ready to divorce his a*s!

 Oh and I don't cook while on holiday but I'm the one who has to decide where we're eating and then there's a whinging session on oh I don't want that, I want such and such - ugh thank god we go home tonight!
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A holiday is a time to enjoy doing things you don't normally do. If your kids eat out because you're not cooking for a week, it's not going to kill them. Have fun. Live a little.

Yes. Because we go places where I don’t need to worry about cooking, cleaning, washing.

A holiday is a holiday for everyone. No cooking. Take me out to dinner.

I love holidays with my family. We only get one every 2 or 3 years so we are all so excited and enjoying it that we get along really well. The kids don’t fight. I don’t cook on holidays. I do that at home so I’m not doing it on holidays. It’s a special treat to eat out each night. We don’t eat junk, usually a yummy pub meal. I’m lucky to have a great husband that helps out with everything.

I make a point of not cooking on holidays, anything convenient, doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Doesn’t have to be a typical ‘meal’ - can do sandwiches, deli platter etc

We often stay in a cabin in a caravan park, it's so I can still cook and do washing. I pack enough to wear for the week and buy ready meals from the supermarket. I try to have a bit of a break.

Go without the family or go for weekends away where you don't have to worry about washing. Eating out doesn't have to be unhealthy you just need to make good choices.

We don’t take kids on our overseas holidays we have family come from overseas to look after them and spend time with them. We like to enjoy holidays and eat out etc and be lazy. But kids get spoilt back home

 Talking about interstate or few hours from home for 3 to 7 days
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 Ok that wasn’t specified. When we go interstate and take the kids, we always do a grocery shop and cook. We maybe eat out once. But cook the rest just like at home
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 Not everybody can afford time off for os
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