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What do you think of crayolas new 'colours of the world' crayons?


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My 5 year old and I had a discussion about her teacher using the term "skin colour" for the beige crayon at school (she's in prep, the first year of mandatory schooling in Qld, Australia). We're both white. There are kids of many different skin colours in her class, I can only imagine how othering and frustrating it must feel to have your skin colour ignored like that. I'm glad that Crayola are making a point of it, I hope people stop being so lazy as to call beige "skin colour".

A few months ago I messaged a lingerie company advertising on Facebook when I saw their beige items advertised as "nude". They tried to defend their position saying that was the Pantone dye colour they used so that's what they called their products. The thing is, they're not legally obligated to call it the exact dye/Pantone colour, that's a choice they made because it seemed normal.

It's not political correctness gone wrong. It's simple logical sense.

I think its great! When i was a kid ‘skin colour’ crayons/pencils/texta’s were all we wanted, they are a dream come true for me! My 8 year old just asked me to get a box today, and im not even sure how she knows about them.

It's just another product thought up by a marketing team, in the hope parents will buy them so they feel they're getting their child ahead.

My daughter, though, will happily use the French crayon on my Italian leather couch. Will that start a war, I wonder?

It's ridiculous. Political correctness out of control.