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Recently upped my water intake. Have about 2-3 litres a day and im feeling really good. Only thing is im finding myself sweaty constantly. And it stinks 😣my feet smell so bad under arms are fine i have a good deodorant. Its just every where on my body is sweaty. Anyone else have this problem or is it just me? Is it from the water?


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I have hyperhydrosis. You sound like you might too- should get checked out by a dr. It's not a bad thing :-)

I drink a lot of water and I also sweat a lot. But I also exercise a lot, so who knows. They say overweight people tend to sweat more too. And sometimes its just genetic.

That's natural. Your body now has more water to use and will use it to cool you down. It would be an issue if you are dripping with sweat constantly or needing to change socks all the time, then it doesn't hurt to see a doctor just to make sure that it isn't something you can fix.

That's a good think darl better out than in, in regards to be toxins in you x

Some people just naturally sweat more than others. I sweat but the guy i work with swears more. He had to go home and change yesterday and carries towels in the work car.

Do you exercise? I find if I burn a bit off at once I don't sweat all day. Also, spray on deodorant and natural, breathable clothing.