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Am I pregnant? I am confused...

So, the past few weeks I have had headaches, back pain, increased appetite. Tonight my nippels became sore. I did a HPT which was negative, I have always had a steady weight and have recently gained 2kg! What else could this be? What would cause a false negative?


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Sounds crazy but when you start thinking you could be pregnant it's like you body mimicks the symptoms. Well mine does. I was 100% sure I was pregnant last year. Sore boobs, morning sickness, missed period, everything!!! But I wasn't. Haha

 I also find my pms symptoms are so similar to pregnancy symptoms.
Which is a real mind f**k when I'm late.

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If you've had a dick in you, you could be pregnant. Wait a week and do another test with the first wee of the morning

If you are pregnant, a false negative would be because you haven’t enough HCG in your urine for the test to detect. Other possibilities are you have read the test either side of the time frame, or the test has expired.

What you should do is go to the doctor and get some bloods. All we can really do here is speculate. Early pregnancy symptoms are also very similar to lots of other things.

Try a different brand of pregnancy, I was sure I was pregnant. 1st test negative, different brand positive.

Depends how early you tested in relation to when you ovulated. Once you have ovulated if you conceive it still takes 6-10 days for the fetus to implant into the uterus and a further 5-10 days to have enough HCG circulating to allow a test to pick it up. Pregnancy tests pick up HCG which is only released after the fetus implants in the uterus. Typically by the day of your period being due or a week after most tests can accurately detect a sufficient quantity of HCG to get a positive result if you are pregnant.