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How much do you spend on xmas for your teenager? 15 years and older.


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I have a 16 year old. Maximum $500, but im beginning to resent this and this year i think i will just buy her one really nice/good thing, and a gift each from her siblings or maybe gift cards.. At some point ‘santa’ has to stop coming right?

I don't have a set amount that I spend on my kids for Christmas or birthday presents. It varies every year depending on what they want/ need and what I can afford.

14 year old has asked for a Mac book, she is very deserving of this request so we will get it for her.
16 year old has asked for air pods which we will also get.
They don’t ask for much so generally get what they ask for. The MacBook is the biggest request so far.

It really depends we don’t have a set amount...we have a 16 year old...last year we bought him an electric skateboard for $2600 because he’s been really set on it all year, previous Xmas it just $300 cash, this year he’s getting a gaming computer so about $2k-3k max is out budget. He doesn’t get these expensive gifts every year it’s only since he’s gotten older that we spend more. He’s a very hard worker and helps in our business so everything he gets is well deserved.

I think it depends, our kids get stuff all the time so probably not heaps maybe $100 on a big gift and some clothes. If they didn't constantly get stuff it would be more.

I got mine a Samsung 9 or something last year, that was about $1000+ish. But this year I'm kind of out of ideas. Thought maybe a GHD straighter which I think are about $200?