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Did u have your son done? Is ur husband done? Health? I didn't have my son's done as their father isn't done. But my question is do circumcised men really feel violated or missing something? I couldn't do that too my boys but with being intimate I prefer a man with it done. What do you prefer


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Both boys done. Husband had to get done at 3years old, was very anxious the boys would be the same so we did at 10 days old. Each to their own, I know a lot of people don’t like it, but medically it was necessary for us and there’s a lot of evidence to show it’s benefits.

Don't have boys but if I did they would. Lots of big pros and not many cons as far as I see it. I don't care about the look but if you're circumcised as a baby you'll never have to have it done as a child or an adult (when you can remember it). It lowers the risk of STDs, UTIs and even penile cancer. The only potential negative I can see is a VERY minor risk of complications from the surgery, but it's like 0.2% chance.

I prefer it not done sexually

I had it done for my son though. My husband had his done at 16 and his brothers at later stages too.... as a result all have had their sons done.

I left the choice totally on my husband and I felt he had a better ability to understand the consequences both ways than I ever could.

Husband is circumcised. Nice clean look. No issues other than hand jobs are a bit harder so BJ is the easy option.

I'm surprised how many are for it. I wonder why so many people on Facebook women and uncut men are so against it. It would be interesting to hear s cut man's thoughts on it all. Ladies what do ur husbands who are done think

 Hes glad hes done.
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 My husband wasn't circumcised as he was premature. He was done later as an adult and says it's much better.
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Considering only 13% of boys in Australia are circumcised these days ( and only 40% in the 80's) my husband isn't done and our boys are definitely not done. It is there for a reason! And I don't want them to feel different or look different later on

 It’s actually at 30% as of 2015.
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 2015 was 13% in WA
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My son is done and so is my husband. We both agreed we would have our son circumcised. I volunteered one year in a recovery department at a hospital and remember a 6 year old who got the procedure done and all he did was cry and cry. He was suppose to go home that day but due to his pain they moved him to be observed overnight. I knew then, if I ever had a son, he would get it done as a baby.

The old circumcision debate. Both my boys are done so is his father, for no other reason as it was what his father wanted. No complaints here from my husband being done, he quite prefers it so do I from a sexual view. Husband has a son that is not done as his mother wouldn’t allow it and was always having trouble. begged his father to talk his mother into letting him get it done.

 Poor boy, it can be awful if it gets infected. I didn't get my boys done, but wouldn't hesitate if there was an issue.
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 Wow, poor kid. If it needed to be done, why wouldn’t Mother just agree for the sake of her son?
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 A friend's mum didn't believe in it, and let her son get infection after infection.
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 I think she felt bad that she got her eldest son done and at the time her other son was born it was very rarely getting done. So he got infection after infection. I had to fight the doctors to get both my boys done. I can remember my mother saying that it was once routinely done in the hospitals as soon as little boys were born.
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Both my boys are done. Their dad is too. Both my brothers weren't done and they had to get done when they were teenagers so I didn't want that to happen to my boys

My husband isn’t done. I left the decision as to whether or not our son should be done up to him because he is the one with the penis. He was really against it so our sin is uncut also. I do see pros and cons for either, so it really comes down to what you feel is best.

Much prefer circumcised in sexual partner.
Don't have a son but if we have one my husband wants him done. Ill leavw decision to him.

Husband done cultural reasons too... son done for same....
prefer it sexually though in men..

I had my son done, and my husband is done too. My husband was done for cultural reasons, and whilst we were intending to have our son done anyway, the doctor said it was medically necessary.
With sexual partners I prefer a man who's cut. I don't like foreskin, and tbh it intimidates me lol. But I never kicked anyone out of bed for having their foreskin.

If I'm honest I prefer it to be done (for sexual reasons, not for children) but I would not do it if I had a son unless medically necessary.