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Saying I love you

My boyfriend and I have been together for a few months together he says everything but I love you, he tells me I’m perfect and he loves everything about me...I don’t know why it’s so important but i want him to love he and to tell me... he is amazing and sweet and generous but I feel like there is this brick wall I keep running into with him because he is soo guarded...I don’t know what fo do and this is more of a vent


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Perhaps he just isn’t sure yet. Or ready yet. It’s only been a few months. Some people need longer to know or be comfortable enough to express it in words. . If he does love you, he will stick around and he will in time say out. Just keep on enjoying the relationship and try not to overthink it. And definitely do not ask him if he feels the same as you.

My partner and I said it almost straight away to each other, I think we had been drunk at the time but neither of us meant it. It took about 12 months until I felt sure he was the one and until I really felt it and meant i love you when I said it.
We had great fun together in that first year and it was fantastic hanging out and doing stuff together, and I really liked him, but I just knew I wasn't "in love" at the time.
I can't really describe it, but just be patient. ♥

I thought my relationship was golden once thought he was actually the one, when i questioned him about why he only told me he loved me when he was drunk. Turned out he didn't, I was just a girl to pass the time with until his one came along- men can be such heartless bastards.

 That's sad, at least you are rid of him now. You do not deserve a jerk like that.
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Have you told him you love him? He might be scared to say it.

Maybe he’s been hurt in the past. If everything is good just give him time. It has only been a few months. Ask him where he stands or how he feels maybe if you’re so concerned

My partner told me he loved me after just a couple of months and my reply was "cool, wanna get some food?" Lol. It took me a bit longer to be sure and able to say it back. He still hasn't let me forget that but.

Men are not very verbal about their feelings. They express love generally through their actions. Don't hassle him, but make your judgement by how he treats you. People also express love in different ways. Google it and read up on it, and the differences between men and women. There is a lot of truth to "Men are from Mars and women are from Venus".
The biggest difference is that women often want the words, but men find it damn near impossible to say them. Meanwhile men will be reading your actions.
Good luck with it.