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Do i walk away or stay

My hubby and i have been together for 8yrs, and ever since my youngest was born its all gone bad. I tried to fix things constantly up until a year ago. Then decided to stop and see where it headed. He never tried at all. Still isnt. I cant keep going like this, i feel completely worthless and not good enough for him to even try.
At what point is it enough to walk away?


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The fact you are considering leaving should be a hint. Either sit down and lay it all out - how you feel, what you would like to achieve *together* and stick to it or go.

You answered your own question babe you 'can't keep going like this' and he 'never tried at all' soooo... get ready save some $ and walk

People rarely change so what you see is what you get, You have to decide

You either wait for something bad to happen to make you walk. Or you get ready to change your life for the better and do it. You can do this. Be strong !!!! ❤️

Go to counseling and throw everything at it. Otherwise you might end up repeating the same mistakes and end up in the same situation with the next relationship.

At the end of the day u are the only one who
Can answer that. My marriage was shitty, even told him I’m standing at the door deciding whether to come in and sort it out or walk. We had some major things happen and it improved for a short while but now I just feel trapped. I should’ve walked at the time

Walk. Go to western Sydney or Frankston. Find a great hubby there