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I have been asked by the police to stand as witness in someones trial. The incident happened at the beginning of the year and I didn't actually see it I just heard it. I'm battling to remember exactly what I heard now and I'm worried I might condradict what I said happened at the time. Can I choose not to do it?


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Pretty sure the prosecution will go over your statement with you before putting you on the stand.

 Yes, this. Did the police not give you a copy of your statement at the time?
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 No I didn't make one, it was from a 000 call I made
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What you need to do is sell your house quickly. Sell all your possessions. Now you need to change your name to Yvonne Von Azwich. You’re free now.

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Think about how you would feel if you were the person who needed a witness.

 Maybe it’s the police that need the witness and it’s not a personal matter
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If u refuse they can subpoena u any way and force u to do it. Get legal advice

 No they can’t if she didn’t write and sign a statement!
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 If you are required to attend ask for a video link from a witness room in the courthouse, the accused will not be able to see you only hear you.
They should not state your name. No one would call 000 for serious stuff if it would implicate them

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no you don’t have to testify. What kind of case was it? Are you putting yourself at risk of someone seeking revenge

 I'm not really sure if I'm putting myself at risk actually
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 What kind of situation was it? How can you be sure you are not at risk
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Seek legal advice or speak to prosecution team maybe they can play your triple 000 call. U might be able to listen beforehand too

Go see a lawyer and get legal advise. I would also ask what of your details will be given to the defense so you can decide knowing all the information of what being a witness for the prosecution will encompass.

Seek legal advice you must of spoken to the police at the time if the incident to be called as a witness so what ever you said must be relevant to their case just speak to a solicitor to advice you of your legal obligation to attending court

Snitches wear stitches , some times their children and families do too. Be careful!