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Have you tested negative for covid?

What symptoms did you have that made you think you needed testing?


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My friend was tested. High fever felt awful for days - it was influenza.

 Good to hear it wasn’t the virus.
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My mum did. She had a bad cough, head aches, sore throat and a low rate fever. But came back negative thankfully :)

 I'm glad your mum is ok 💕
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 Glad she’s ok
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Havent been tested was told it costs $300 & I dont have that spare atm. Have been self isolated for 4 weeks havent been overseas so I assume its just a cold or allergy making me miserable. Lol

When you go and get tested what do they do? Is it free to test? And how long do you get the results back?

 My husband was tested Monday morning and got results Wednesday morning. It’s free. They take a swab of your nose and throat.
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 Was your hubby ok? Hope it came back negative for you all 🙂
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 Yes he was thanks. I wrote the comment about him having tonsillitis. 😊
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We had some of the symptoms, cough, low grade fever, body aches and we were told by the gp; you might have it but they won’t test you unless you have had contact with someone or have travelled or have shortness of breath. Stupid gp for making a comment if a test can’t follow that up

My husband did. Headache, sore throat, high temp. It was tonsillitis.

I got my negative result this morning (I'm in NZ) I've had a terrible cough for 5 days, and generally feeling blurgh. Then I found out i had casual contact with a confirmed case. I was tested yesterday morning and had results back around lunchtime today. Still feel like crap tho