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Leaving the dog in the car on a cold day?

Leaving the dog in the car on a cold day while you quickly run into the shops...? Yes or No...


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Leave your bloody dog at home for goodness sake. How would you like being locked in a hot/cold box with f*ck all fresh air?

 Yeah this. It's a dog, not a child.
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 Exactly its a dog, its fine in the car for 5 minutes. Everyone thinks its ok to leave their kids while they pay for fuel but sweet lord don't leave a dog in the car.
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 Ah not everyone thinks that
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None of this fur -baby bullshit!!
They are animals, people!!!!!

No, but the dog would only be in the car if going to the vet, dog park or on a holiday and would never need to be left in the car. If we stop on the way to the beach one of us would stay with the dog.

I leave the windows down a few centimetres when its cold, sometimes its only the wind that is cold and the sun is still hot through glass.

 Exactly, it can still get hot in a car on a cool day.
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I would never leave my dog in the car because I’m scared someone will steal him or put their hands in my car and frighten him. Or he might get lonely and scared.