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Is anyone a nurse?

What is the difference between enrolled and registered?
Ups and downs on being one?


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An enrolled nurse works directly under a registered nurse. There are some things an EN can’t do that an RN can like dispense certain medications. There is limited opportunity for promotion. There is also a big pay difference, even thought the course is just as tough (but not as long, and not university based). I know of some ENs who have gone on to do the RN course. Which has worked out for them as they have been able to work while studying. Even if it takes them longer to become an RN.

OP I was considering becoming a EN first so I could work then become a RN later on. Is it worth it or should I just go straight to studying becoming a RN?
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RN then move to rural I know nurses in a rural town ( only 2 hrs from a major city) on $120 000.

Enrolled Nurses can do almost everything Registered Nurses can these days. However, ENs can't usually progress in their jobs (and pay bracket), like RNs can.
The EN course is nationally recognized where as the RN course is globally recognized.
Enrolled Nursing is a great starting point and you can do lots of amazing jobs as an EN, but if you are quite career driven, RNs are the way to go.
As others have suggested, you can start as an EN and add on your RNs later on.
Enrolled Nursing is around 18 months full time and most universities will then give you the 1st year credited for your RNs. So it would be an additional 2 years of uni then.

Friend of mine became an en first and then spent six years (I think part-time ) becoming an rn. She also worked as she studied, lots of night shifts and many sacrifices. Also to broaden her resume she also did some practice hours away from home in remote so that took her away from her kids

Enrolled 18 months tafe study, RN 3- 3.5 years of study. RN better pay and slightly more responsibility depending where you are working