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Has anyone used zip pay?

It's similar to after pay


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I think i used it to buy a new bed. Its kinda like those 12 months interest free store creditcards. I had no trouble with it just make sure you pay it off by the end of the interested free period ends

 You pay interest
$800 mattress at fantastic furniture will cost you $1459 if you pay it off for 2 years

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 I didn't pay interest so might not have been zip pay
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As the other commenter said it's a bit like the 12 months interest free store credits. Only I never received a credit card. I used it to buy a treadmill. You have to make sure you pay it off on time so you don't get charged interest and I'm pretty sure from memory after I had paid off my item they continued to take the money out for a couple of weeks until I realised because they "leave it up to you" to notify them they no longer need to take money. As long as you remember to do that it's all good.