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My in laws said to me they will buy my daughter shoes she’s been talking about for Xmas
Now they said they can’t afford them when they found out the price $49.95
How would you feel and react ?


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I'd feel grateful that someone wanted to do something nice for my child and I'd ask if they wanted to make a partial contribution towards the cost of the shoes.

 Don’t offer without knowing the price
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If they can't afford the $50 then they can't afford it. Is there a cheaper pair they can buy? If it's a specific pair you're after then maybe you can split the cost. I know they said they'd pay for them and they could have handled it differently but unfortunately that's the way it is these days. Don't let it ruin your Xmas x

 Don’t offer if you don’t know the price
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 Give them a break. Everyone makes mistakes. I'm sure we've all had to back out of something at some point in our lives and who knows. Maybe they have have had a massive financial set back since offering. Don't judge someone you don't know
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They can’t buy $49 shoes? Shit, they must be pretty poor

 They receive $850 fortnight pension
Rent $550 fortnight
Medication $50 fortnight for both some aren’t on pbs
Car to run
Bills to pay

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Maybe they were thinking you'd buy them from budget department store & they wouldn't be that expensive.

 Told them they were from kids Betts
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