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Lady who asked about teeth whitening

Today I went to my smile labs appointment. My teeth weren't overly yellow but I booked an hour session.
So they put this hydrogen peroxide gel on my teeth and it foams up and you spend 15 mins under the blue light. The gel is put on every 15 minutes for that one hour.
If you have sensitive teeth it does have this tingly burning sensation that can be painful. And you have that big guard that opens the mouth right up.
Because I had sensitive teeth, the tips of my gums turned white, which resolved an hour after the appointment.
They take a further 48 hours to whiten so I only had a two shade difference when I left but they look whiter a few hours later.
It cost me $124 with a recommendation to come back in two months for a 15 minute treatment and then I should be right for one year.


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That was my post!! Thanks so much :)

OP No worries
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 Lol what the! I just don’t get the motivation of some people. That was my post , and thanks so much for getting back, I was hoping you would. How much is the follow up going to cost to you think? And also can I ask, Do you think it is worthwhile for someone with more yellow teeth? I don’t smoke but I drank lots of tea in my younger days. Thanks again.
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 I think if I do the half price Mondays it costs $50 I think for the 15 minute session.
My husband noticed the difference more than I did so I think it's worth giving it a shot but don't go in thinking you will have amazing white teeth because it may not happening depending on your teeth

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 Yes I have a suspicion i might have to investigate further. Thanks again though,I appreciate it. Have a lovely day!
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I didn’t ask but have been so curious about this. Thank you so much for the information I have been wanting to this. It is so cheap!

OP Well my does half price Mondays that's why, so see if your smile labs does it also
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Oh great thanks I was following that post too :) woohoo I’m going to look for a smile labs clinic

Does anyone know of a good place in Victoria? That does a cheapish / special like this ?

I'm getting mine done today - can't wait!

 How was yours?
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