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How young is a young mum ?


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I was 19

 Me too.
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 Me 3!
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Totally depends on context
Young mum could possible mean anything 20s and below.
Could mean teen mum in some context

If general think someone in the 20s to be a young mum mores I early twenties
I be more inclined to say tenn mum and younger than 20

I had my first at 12
Second 13
Third 15 and last baby last week at age 35

 You had a baby at 12? OMG im assuming it wasnt consensual. Did you raise the baby or did your family? Im sorry you went through that!
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 The dad was 13
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 I have a friend from school that had a baby at 12 and another at 13, we're in our 30s now and she has 6 children total.
She's actually a fabulous mother.

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Under 25

 Yeah I think there was a "young mum's" group through one of the baby clinic's. It was for under 25's.
I was 22 when I had my first, but didn't feel that young (had been living out of home for a while, working full time etc).

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I was 22 when I had my first baby. I'd say I was on the cusp. 21 and under is young mum to me.

The young moms group in my town is for anyone under 25. But everyone here is in their mid to late 30s for their first baby so I guess maybe it’s just younger then the norm.

Teen mum to me is 19 and under, young mum would be having their first baby aged 25 or under.

I would say anyone under 20. All the mums in my family were under 20 when they had their 1st babies but I waited until I was 25 to get pregnant, they all said I was too old. My in-laws told me I was too young, hubby and I both agree it was the right time for us

I get told all the time I am a young mum but I don't think so. I'm 29 and have a 6yo and 4yo. Young mum to me is under 20 I guess.

It depends on the context. If speaking generally, I’d say anyone under 40.