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In hopsital and need a shower?

Ive just had my baby this morning. She is asleep at the moment. Im exhausted and tired but i need a shower. I have dried blood on me, feel gross, really just need 20mins. The nurse just told me not to leave my baby unattended while i shower. Then told me not to take the plastic cot into the bathroom. I asked if she could watch the baby while i shower- she said no. How the fuck do i shower? Should i wait til the lady next to me wakes up and ask her? I dont even know her... ps. No family or friends will be visiting as they dont exist... how did you shower? I have wipes but i want a hot shower to wash myself!!!


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I looked after.. well just listened out for the baby of the lady next to me while she went to shower for this exact reason! She was a very young first time mum and bawling her eyes out because she didn't know what to do. Some nurses are total fu****g assholes.

Aww hun i feel for you! My hospital were great if bubs was asleep i just let them know to keep an ear out for her. In saying that they cannot deny you that right to shower. Midwives are there to look after mum and bub. I would call again or wait till next shift nurse and i would honestly put in a complaint to the unit manager. You're body has been through a battlefield mentally and physically the last thing you should have to stress about is feeling clean. Good luck hun- if you want tell me the hospital and ill put in a complaint too! Lol xxxx

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 Can you sleep better now really?
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 Did you consider that perhaps the writer of that comment corrected her own spelling??
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Op here- i had a shower!!! Last night after reading everyones advice and then went to sleep for awhile. I just left the door open to the bathroom and parked her near it. All good and feeling great now :) i spoke to a different midwife about the cranky one and she was really disappointed i was treated like that. She said i should have been offered a shower after bubs was born because blood is germy etc... unfortunately the cranky nurses hubby has recently passed away and isnt dealing well. The nice nurse said she shouldn't be working so soon bcoz she isnt coping. Im glad i didnt complain :) goes to show everyone has problems theyre dealing with

 That's very sad.
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 How very unprofessional of both those nurses. The first one for taking her grief out on her patients (nope, she shouldn't be at work if she is going to do that) and the second for telling you the private business of a colleague. I'm a Nurse and if one of my colleagues disclosed that kind of information about me to a patient, I'd be absolute livid.
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 Glad you got to have your shower op. I felt terrible for you!
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 Or maybe the second nurse is a friend of bitch nurse number one and made up a bullshit story so you don't complain.
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 Glad you feel better and congratulations!
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Can the dad watch her?

 Fair question.
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 Maybe dad is at home with a toddler and it is a long drive away.
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 Hi all, her father, my husband works away. Her birth wasnt expected quite yet- she came early. Ive spoken to him this morning and hes nearly home :)
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Yeah i think i will. She said steam isnt good for the baby so not to take her in there- unfortunatly I really want a hot fricking shower to burn away all this feeling im feeling- the yuck, exhausted, dirty feeling. She is still asleep- might wheel her near bathroom door and leave it open abit. Mmm some nurses are crabby fu**s hey! I know its not their job to babysit as she put it but f**k im sitting here with dry blood all over my boobs down to my vag!!! Im off for a shower- she can suck a dick hahaha! Thanks though just feeling overwhelmed right now and confused about life... just need afew mins to cleanse and think/not think :)

 You will have different nurses once the shift changes xx
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 It is her job to look after you though and you said you needed a shower. She should do her best to make that happen.
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 You poor thing x I'd come help you in a heartbeat if I was close and this wasn't anonymous haha. All the best. Congratulations on your little bundle too :)
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Take the cot into the bathroom. Or as someone else said, ask a different nurse. Honestly some nurses are just bi****s. And I know. because I am a nurse.

In the hospitals I gave birth in, The nurses took my baby to the nursery while I had a shower. Just wait until the shift changes and then ask.

 Yeah same, in fact the nurses were like right Beryl time you showered, ill take bubs into nursery, off you go, see you in 10 etc etc
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 As soon as I could walk after giving birth I left bub with the midwife and went for a shower. She was doing paperwork and was more than happy to have first cuddles (other than me of course). She was amazing but. Honestly couldn't fault her. Father wasn't there due to DV while I was pregnant.
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Honestly shut your main door, leave the bathroom door open with the baby close enough to see/hear and just have a shower. Or ask a different nurse, they're not all usually like that!!!

 Prob a shared room?
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I took my kids in with me in their cot thingy. If you can't, I don't know how you are expected to shower. I had stitches and was told to have 3 showers a day, I didn't have enough visitors for 3 showers and the midwives told me to just take my baby in with me. I'm not sure what you are meant to do with what the midwife has told you.

I didn't ask, just took a shower! Closed main door, left bathroom door open a bit so I could see her. Of course she started wailing as soon as I got under the water! She was one of those babies that cry unless being held 24/7. I just rushed through my shower and picked her back when I was finished. She can't fall out of the cot and was obviously still breathing!

That's terrible. I would just try another nurse, maybe you caught them at a busy time. Babies are very susceptible to pneumonia, that's why the steam isn't good for their tiny lungs. Remember they just came up for air after 9 mos under water. If you have your own room and the baby is asleep just leave your bathroom door open a bit and shower quickly.

The nurse watched mine while I showered. She just sounds like a dick

I left my daughter in the room asleep while I had a shower. I was only like 2 metres away. and shes asleep....

It's their duty of care to look after you.

 And if you had c section or stitches and feel like you need assistance they should help too
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