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Pregnant- how to tell my crush

So im married with 2 girls and now i just found out im pregnant with my 3rd with my hubby. Whilst we havd a good relationship/ we care for each other but not sure if we love love each other. There is a guy at work i like.. we have been flirting for over a year... not sure if he has gf.. he never asks about my hubby or kids. I really like him but now how do i tell him that im preggers.. will he be hurt?


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What? You’re married. With kids. And another on the way. He hasnt asked about your personal life, so very good chance he already knows your are married (ie unavailable) or he’s just not interested in you. Forget your crush. Focus on your family and your pregnancy.

 Men looking for an affair will purposely not ask or give personal details
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 They might not give out their own details (unless they are false, ie pretending to be single, separated or divorced) but they will fish for details of potential roots.
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 They generally don't if all they want is sex they don't want to know
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 No but they have to at least pretend to be interested.
It’s called

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Your crush is just a fantasy. Your marriage and family are reality

If he hasn’t been interested in your hubby or kids before, what makes you think he wants to know about it now? He probably just isn’t into you. Before you start looking like a stage 3 clinger, act your age and concentrate on your family.

I think you should ask your husband this question 😂

I hate to say it but if I was you I would seriously question bringing another child into your relationship. You don’t sound happy in your marriage and one more child isn’t going to fix things. And forget about the guy at work that should have nothing to do with the adult choices you make in your marriage.

I think this can't be a real situation. If it is then it's proof people should have a licence to have children.

How old are you??

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 So then maybe act your age? You're 38, married and pregnant with your 3rd child. Your "crush" isn't even a thing. There is no "how to tell him" because he doesn't care. Focus on living the life you have, not fantasizing about someone who probably doesn't even know you exist.
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This made me feel all kinds of sad. I can't imagine how I'd feel if my husband was worried about what his crush thought of me being pregnant. You are stronger than your crush inducing hormones. Rise above them and focus on your beautiful family. Congratulations!

Either he is married and wants some fun or he is just a flirty person and nothing more is going to happen qhether you're pregnant or not. If he was single and interested he would have made it obvious by now and also would have asked if you were married, even in the 'asking but not asking' way when they assume you're married and then wait to see if you correct them or not. I think you're safe from upsetting him.