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Bad bleeding what’s the best pill or whatever already have 6 kids don’t want more also bleeding non stop dizzy hit my head on the sofa falling over due to blood clots


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Hi OP, we would advice that you seek professional medical advice immediately. Please go and see your GP so you can be properly examined, diagnosed and treated.

 It is a fine line with blood loss between being in control and losing consciousness and spiralling into a dangerous place. With 6 kids you think you have seen it all before, but really every situation is different. Can you get a friend to drive you to a medical centre and watch the kids etc? Please get it checked asap and hope it is just a little problem
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 Any updates.....This is very worrying for the mum
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A tubal ligation is excellent for permanent contraception. I was able to get one done at age 27.
BUT, it does not fix bleeding, and that is what needs medically investigating and fixing, soon as possible.
With the level of bleeding you are describing, you will likely be quite anaemic as well, which will make you very tired.

If you don’t want anymore kids maybe you should consider a hysterectomy. Best thing I ever did for my health.

If you actually have blood clots they would have told you that you actually can't take many of the pills for birth control again. The mini pill you can I believe but I have the bar in my arm and that's fine.

What blood thinners are you on for the clots? It's not uncommon to have heavier bleeding when taking them but shouldn't be bleeding so much your dizzy and falling over.

I have a blood condition which sees me bleed a lot and for a prolonged period of time (I’ve been currently bleeding for 2.5 months)
The best contraception for me is the mirena. It completely stops the bleeding. My other option is a uteral ablasion (burning the lining of the uterus) but that is a more permanent option and not good for me when we’re trying to conceive.
Hysterectomy is also an option but that can lead to early menopause.
The dizziness is more than likely due to you being anemic. Your doctor can order bloods and do an iron infusion if needed. Food and iron medication won’t get you to where you need to be once you’re this bad, an iron infusion will make you feel better almost immediately. (I had three the other week!)
If you’re really bad, please present to your nearest women’s health emergency department.
This stuff should be dealt with promptly by a doctor. It won’t correct itself without medical intervention.
Good luck x

Go see a go and request a Gynaecologist appointment and ask about an MRI for adenomyosis and for possible laparoscope to look for endometriosis

Definitely go and see a GP. I have a history of blood clots so it’s not actually recommended I am on any birth control tablets. The only type of contraceptive I can safely use is a Mirena (and condoms).
Not an issue now though as my husband had a vasectomy.

You need to see your GP, and if necessary get a referral to a specialist so you can get permanent solution to both the contraception and the bleeding problem.
You dont want to have a hysterectomy unless its necessary, but if it is necessary having it done will make a massive improvement.
So you need good medical advice, pronto.
And not just advice off a phone help line.

 It’s not easy to get a hysterectomy even when it is necessary 😕
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