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I am struggling

Not coping cooking or coming up with meals
We use to have take away 4 times a week and I am scared of getting the virus from the public
Hubby and I fight what’s for tea
How are you coping with meals ?


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I like cooking, but if I really can't be bothered, and sometimes I go days where I don't want to cook. A little planning ahead and you can go a number of days without cooking (dependant on how many you're cooking for, too).

I'll make a casserole or a bake which is large enough that I divide it amongst containers to reheat each night. One casserole usually lasts my partner, child and I 4-5 nights. Good casserole bases are condensed soup and jarred pasta sauces.

Sides are easy - Mashed potatoes, rice, pasta, frozen steamed veggies - Depends on the casserole/main dish.

Chuck a roast in the slow cooker and leave it for the day - You don't have to do anything for it (except I add soup to the slow cooker to cook our meat in). Put a huge potato bake and cauliflower bake in the oven, that you can divide up and reheat over the next couple of days.

Sausages and mashed potatoes are easy (and cheap), as are pasta dishes.

Make a large pot of soup, ideally with meat like chicken in it so it is more filling and better suited for dinner. Have it with buttered bread.

I made sausages in bread with cheese and onion the other day - Nothing new but bloody hell it was good (It made me miss Bunnings snags).

Another idea, cook some diced chicken breast, put it in a dish with semi-cooked pasta, a jar (or 2 - depending on how big you're making it) of pasta sauce and some cheese. Bake it.

A good site I trawl when bored is Yummly. Create an account, search for whatever you want - Sides, cookies, salmon dishes, cakes - Absolutely anything, and save ideas.

Things I always keep stock of, are cream, cheese, milk, butter, gravy and dried herbs (especially chives and dill). I always keep sausages and chicken in the freezer, and usually, salmon. There are so many casseroles you can make with just chicken, beef or sausages.

Search -

- Casseroles
- Sides
- Main meal bakes
- Easy pasta dishes

I recommend using a recipe filter on your web browser. so it avoids all the ridiculous rambling at the start of a recipe and just goes straight to the recipe.

Another idea is to look up websites where you can input what ingredients you have on hand, and it'll create/find recipes for you.

 You are such a kind and thoughtful person to give such a well thought out and helpful answer.
Bless you 😊

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Also your husband could cook once in awhile it wont kill him

I hate meal planning. i don't meal plan. I'm spontaneous. I decide what's for dinner when i get up in the morning. If it's going to a really hot day then no i will not spending a long time in the kitchen, something quick and easy. If it's cold bake dinner or spag bowl. Cooking doesn't have to be complicated, only if you make it that way. Always have the freezer & panty stocked. Tonight it's leggos mushroom & ricotta ravioli & garlic bread from the freezer with dolmio classic tomato & basil sauce. Easy. Always cook a bit extra of everything so you can put some in the freezer so if you don't feel like cooking it's freezer surprise night, curry for you, spag bowl for you, bacon pasta for you - lazy girls guide to cooking 😆

Like others have said meal plan. Look at what you know how to cook and add those in. After a week or two start adding in other recipes that are simple enough but you haven’t really mastered yet. Cook double or triple the amount you need of something’s and freeze the left overs.

I love my slow cooker and you can buy a lot of good recipe bases at woollies and Coles that give you the recipe and ingredient lists on the packet. I also make things like tacos (1 kg mince, 2 grated carrot and zucchini, chickpeas, 2 jars of salsa and two packets of taco spice) in my slow cooker which gives me 1 meal of normal tacos, 1 taco pie (use tortillas and layer with mince, cheese and tortilla until you have enough for a meal) and nachos - all mince is frozen so it’s a quick task to unfreeze, make whatever else and then add a salad to the side. They are my go to “quick” meals because they go in the slow cooker with maybe 15 minutes prep I the morning when I’ve got energy and come out ready at dinner time. Don’t worry, you’ve got this.

Roast Vegies on rice

Roast veggies on cous cous.

Pasta with two table spoons of cream and finely chopped veggies

Nachos. (Whmith you guessed it loaded veggies lol.

Canned chickpea fried with garlic and tumeric powder with salad. (Dressing a table spoon of mayo, finely chopped garlic and a whole squeezed Lemon.) tomato cucumber and corn.


Pasta bake

Lentil curry

Shepard’s pie

Soy sauce, veggies and fine rice noodles.



Here’s a tip, most of the meal orders (Marley fresh dinnerly and hello fresh have huge savings for first time box often even free pay delivery.

They are great for easily learning new meals.

 Not op here but The chickpea salad sounds great. Do you use fresh corn or canned corn?
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Answered by SAHM Staff

Hi OP, sorry to hear you’re struggling with meals. Please pop over to our recipes section on the SAHM website as we have loads of easy recipes to try!

There are a lot of quick and easy dinners you could try - spaghetti bolognaise, tacos, chicken wraps, lots of different pasta dishes, shepherds pie, stir fry. Google the recipes that you and your family might like, make up a meal plan for the week, shop for the ingredients and start cooking! Enjoy.

Meal plan, if you're not a great cook start off planning for basic recipes and screenshot or print them out for each days meals. Get your husband to give you 2 or 3 things he'd like this week for dinners and add them into the mix also that way he'll get a few days of things he said himself he'd like to have

Meal planning is helping me. Having it set out for the week, less stress of thinking what to make, avoiding last minute panic runs to the shop. I go out on a Monday and buy everything I need for the week and we're set.