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Thrush/no undies

I haven't worn undies for the most part for about 10 years but EVERYTIME I do either swimmers all day or undies all day to support my pregnant belly I get thrush every time. Is it just me or am I doing something wrong with undies? Do women who wear undies get thrush a few times a year?


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Switch to cotton undies. Swimming and sitting in a wet suit can get ya. Eat yogurt everyday.

 That could be it via I'm wearing the big belly huggers lol
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 Yep, I use to work as a swim teacher and got it all the time😕
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 I'm a swim teacher too and that's never given me much grief it's more of Iv been at the beach all day sorta swimmers
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Never had thrush, wear undies all the time. I didn't know people didn't.

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I get thrush if I wear undies to bed but fine if wearing them all day..
I think you can get like a stretchy band that you strap around your tummy to support pregnant bellies.

This helped me.... Do a separate undies only wash, add in canestan liquid you can buy at coles/woolies and make sure you dont use softner. Also, wash your bits with QV wash, not regular soap.

I've had thrush three times in my life, I wear undies all the time. It might be that your body is simply at the balance and being closed sets off you balance but remember that being pregnant increases tour risk of getting thrush. Your hormones are different. I am also innocently curious as to what no undie wearers do on their period?!

 That actually sound pretty right actually it makes sense I didn't think of it ...
Lol I answered the period above, I don't understand what undies would solve unless you wear a pad? Haha it's just never been an issue for me.

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No i don't get it and i'm an undies wearer. What do you do when you get your period

 I wear a tampon? Mind you I haven't really had a period for 4 years thanks to kids but my flow is always very light only lasts 2 MAYBE 3 days ...and to the day. So I know exactly when I will get it plus I have obvious warning signs I'm about to get it. I never ever leak as my flow is always light. but what would undies change if you got your period anyways?
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 Maybe cos someone women wear pads...
I wish I could be so confident, when I have my period but I always feel like my insides are going to fall out lol!!
I wear undies and have probably got it twice....
I do go without undies every so often though :)
Might be worth a trip to doctor....

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 Since kids i have a really heavy period so i wear tampon and pad and have to wear almost a mattress strapped to my undies for the night time it's horrible :(
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 Yeah fair enough like I said Iv always had light periods and actually the 3/4 I had in between my pregnancies were even lighter and barely a day of wearing tampons , I don't get discharge - unless Iv been in swimmers a few days in a row. I think one of the other relies hit the nail on the head my body is just not use to it.
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I get thrush when I change the laundry detergent and from cleaner you use to clean vibrators.

Always get thrush, I wear cotton undies. I think mine is due to stress and diet. This time I didn't get anything from chemist, took 2 probiotic tablets.

Never had thrush, usually wear undies. Might be worth chatting to your gp.