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living as a single parent with a toddler

I need help.
Does anyone rent as a single parent with a toddler and work?
How much is your rent?
How much do you earn weekly to live comfortably?
Is it doable?
I need as much advice as I can get!
Thank you!


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My friend used to share with another single mum of 1. It helped with the rent and she shared her room with her toddler. She had it set up with a bed for each of them and some really good storage option. The bed configuration allowed for a play space also. I have seen it done. She didn't work as the childcare was quite a bit considering her income. I helped her to start her studies. I studied with a baby and then again with 2 kids so I encouraged her to do what she could.

 What a great friend you are/were! I bet you really encouraged her and she’ll never forget that. That’s awesome!
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OP This is great, thanks!
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I paid 120 a week for a room, we coslept. I left a dv situation and had to start over again. I walked around town handing my resume in and made sure I met the manager when doing so. Took four years of this but I did get a job. In the interim I budgeted as best as I could on the spp

 Hugs to you. What a brave woman you were. You did it, you got out and you got a job. ❤️ Takes courage and strength
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 Oh thank you. you just have to keep putting one step forward, despite all the set backs you may encounter my it's a shit shit time but it does, eventually get better and in my case, four years
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OP Thank you for sharing your story!
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 Yes my heart goes out to ppl in these situations. Wouldn’t be easy. I take my hat off to you
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Get a job

 She probably already has one, unlike you
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Get as much contraception as you can!!

OP No thank you I want to keep breeding.

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 Good comeback, OP!🤣
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