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Betrayal. Do you ever get over it?


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I got over it. You're only hurting yourself after a while so you will have to learn to let it go. It'll eat you up

 This is true, unfortunately took me two years to realise it.
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 I took much longer but I had to regain my self worth and so I made a promise to myself and from there, my life got so much better
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Maybe, maybe not but you do have to learn to accept what has happened and to deal with it 🧡

You never get over it I just left after 9 years of trying to get over it. It never stops they get sneakier

It really depends on the sort of relationship you have already. I can and have easily forgiven cheating in a long term relationship but anything short term has eaten up at me and I’ve lost all faith in that person.

Depends on what you mean by get over it?
The hurt goes away and time always heals the pain. As long as you let it.
Holding onto burner was and hurt serve to hurt you not them.
If you mean do you trust them 100%, probably not, but you can learn trust them again99%
It also depends on the betrayal. And the type of person you are, like if the betrayal was trivial and your the sort to take it to the grave , probably not.

My husband cheated and I “got over it”
I’m not the sort to hold onto anger and resentment. I don’t 100% trust him to be faithful now but I also know if it happens again it’s not the end of the world, hearts mend, wounds heal and life goes on and what we’ve had was enough.

No you dont trust them 100% and you always remember the hurt and pain.

No, you learn to live with it, but that can take years and years.