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I want to move on but he controls all money. I try to get a job and he says i don't need to get one. My self esteem is so low right now i feel dependant on him so i stay. How can i get back on my own? Please i need help.

2 1/2 years ago i left a abusive relationship of 11 years. A year after i was on my own with my 2 kids. I lost my job, my car quit, and my children decided they wanted to live with their father in a different state. This all happened within 2 weeks. Since then i have been stuck in a rut. I have no money no car no job no food and live in a camper.


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I'm so sorry all this happened. Let me assure you that your children probably left the circumstances that happened, not you.
My advice would be to go to Centrelink and lie about being single, find three trusted friends/family to back you up. Save all payments, a new bank account, after three months apply for an advance payment and you will have enough to run away, go to the state your kids are in, live in a tent ($30 at Kmart) struggle for a while, get a job and find your feet. You're used to a camper, plus you will be free. Freedom knows no consequence.

 You only need 2 people to confirm being single. I filled the forms 2 weeks ago. But they take forever, I myself am going to have to go into an office and see if they'll fasten it up as I have $0 on me and need it done asap.
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 Please go and see St Vincent de Paul about what they can do to help. Or The Salvation Army even. I've been there before in dire straights (straits?) And they gave me a basics card with enough money to help our family.
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