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Lip fillers and pregnancy?

I’m 12 weeks pregnant and am wanting to get my lips done ( Iv been wanting this for a long long time ). I have heard so many mixed comments about this.. has anyone had it done or did you wait?
Thank you 🙂


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Why would you wait until you were pregnant to get them lol, honestly I'd wait until after you give birth and finish breastfeeding of you choose that just in case

OP I only just found out that’s why & my boobs don’t work I can’t breastfeed they are just useless bags of fat!
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I am almost certain that it wouldn’t be allowed during pregnancy, but you could always ask your obstetrician to double check .

Err on the side of caution. Wait. Surely another 6 months is nothing if you’ve wanted to do it for so long.

If you've waited a long time, you can surely wait another 8 or so months. Personally not something I'd do when pregnant.

I would wait because as your pregnancy progresses your lips generally start to swell much more. So it would look like a free lip filler anyway haha

Think about it, they’re injecting a chemical into your body, which is trying to make another life, why do it now while this is happening and POSSIBLY jeopardise that? Just saying, maybe wait??

Anyone that will do such a procedure on a pregnant woman is dodgy!