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Rough sex!! How do you like it??

And with or without toys and whips?


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I like to ride a suction cup dildo, and have hubby slap my face with his c**k. Yes!!!

 Each to their own. Good for you guys!
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 Sounds exciting
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 Full porn style
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I have never had rough sex as in whips or hurting each other, but I love it when its hard sex.

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Not so much rough, but love to be pounded

 Yes, totally this!
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I love rough sex. My partner does not. I love being bitting, spanked, hair pulled, slapped, scratched and grabbed so hard it leaves bruises; and love doing all those things. I don’t like whips but love cuffs and chains, the metal is a real turn on. I’m not a fan of receiving strangulation but love giving it. Haven’t used any gags.
If there’s blood it’s even better.

Men who want rough sex where the other gets hurt are self serving pigs and the women who give in to this of shit have no self respect.

 Some of us like it rough, we are not all vanilla
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 Usually rough sex between consenting adults doesn't result in anyone being "hurt". The pain one feels is part of the pleasure. I would much rather a guy who liked rough sex found a consenting partner than putting someone vulnerable through it.
My husband likes to chain me up, handcuff me and use nipple clamps. He spanks me and " strangles" me. I love it and so does he. Obviously our sex life is not for you but it's ours and it works for us so that's all that matters. And just to let you know - you would have no idea that we like it kinky and rough in the bedroom. We are a totally normal couple / family to the outside eye.

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 Hmmm, not liking rough sex in no way makes you vanilla. Grow up.
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 What you have described above actually does not sound "rough" at all, and that is not what I am talking about. And you sound like a loving couple who likes to have hot nasty sex. Go you guys! When "rough sex" becomes demeaning is something else entirely and then when the other party is calling the unwilling party names like "vanilla" or "frigid" it is disgusting. And it happens all the time.
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 Your talking about consent to rough sex not rough sex. Two very different things. Once 1 person says "no or the safe word" its all over.

What you like in the bed room if your not vanilla?

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 I thought this question was about rough sex and how you like it eg consenting ?
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 I have plenty of self respect, I just enjoy pain. It’s a kink just like foot fu****g or titty fu****g. Every man who I have let be rough with me has always asked first how far they can go and will stop the moment I say stop. kink shaming people because you can’t accept that some of us actually enjoy it isn’t right. I found it interesting how you only say that women who like to be the sub have no self respect, what about men who like to be the sub? And am I a self serving pig when I dish out the pain, or is that limited to only men?
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 The main point here, is CONSENT.
Rough sex isn't my thing, I like hard sex but my husband is sooooo vanilla pretty much doggy is too raunchy for him and he doesn't like it *sigh*.
But if two people love it rough and painful and both have rules in place and both consent that's the main thing.
Who are you to judge what two consenting adults do in the bedroom?
Pleasure is subjective. What gets you off might not get anyone else off.

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I love rough hard sex, pull my hair slap my arse push me into the pillow, a little whip but mainly just pound me likeyour life depends on it.

I don't like toys during sex but I do like rough sex, throwing each other around the bed kinda thing.

Slapping and hair pulling the normal. Sometimes it goes way passed that if we both feeling it.

Very rough. But not sure how far to take it or what I could try; whips, chains etc. scared to waste money on it all if we don’t like it