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A recently resurfaced video of Drake shows the rapper getting affectionate with an underage female fan and telling her in part, “I like the way your breasts feel against my chest.” The old tour video of Drake, now 32, was posted to Twitter on Thursday, showing the Canadian star flirting with the fan after inviting her onstage during one of his past concerts.

If my favourite singer said that to me when I was younger I wouldn’t complain
Would you complain ?


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If this was her boss and not drake. How do you feel about it?

Depends on the age gap. I remember being absolutely awed by Eminem when I was younger, his music was brilliant and he was somewhat attractive. However, if he had ever said that to me, I'd have been disgusted. He's so much older. What kind of adult would even THINK that about a young girl. Plus, how many other girls were spoon fed that same line. Nah, younger me would have been grossed out by that. Nowadays, I'd just slap anyone who spoke that way... but then again, I would never press myself up against anyone like that. Only my husband, if he's in the mood to dance (haha rarely ever, if at all)