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Female toilet hygiene after going for a pee?

I consider myself to be one of the very lucky ones that has the convenience of not having to wipe after peeing. Most of the time I can just sit down and do the business. A drip or two does normally drop into my underwear as I pull them back up but I do suffer minor leakage throughout the day anyway so I dont consider this a problem. sometimes I do get a bit of run back down onto my leg or into my bum, which does need wiping up. I'm 32 years old and have 2 kids and this became a luxury after my 2nd child was born who is now 3. At that time of month I use a menstrual cup because I consider them a clean and very practical option. I dont think I'm being gross or unhygienic considering my husband gets in there any chance he can get but did want to hear the thoughts of other mums on this page.


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"A drip or two" - "Minor leakage"

Sis, you are literally pissing yourself. Wipe your fanny girl, I can't even imagine now bad your undies stink.

For real

 😂 love this comment hahaha
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Listen up, fishy knickers, you are a breeding ground for thrush. Damp and warm conditions sister.
You are cultivating the next plague 😂

 Omg fishy knickers!!! Best comment ever!!
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 So icky
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I am in a coffee shop on my own laughing my arse off like a mad woman.... Omg omg omg this is too much... i love, love the bit about ‘being one of the lucky ones, who has the CONVENIENCE not to wipe’ :.. bloody hell thats as far as ive got, once the tears are gone i will
Try and read the whole thing.

I always wipe. I don't want any moisture or wet bits, even a few drops. For me personally, I don't feel like I have finished doing my business until I wipe, it's part of the ritual and I have never considered not wiping🤣

Not wiping doesn’t sound hygienic..... a few drops in your undies? Gross. just wipe.

 Spot on.
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 Lol spot
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 😂 💧
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I didn't know wiping was now optional. Is this the next new craze? Because toilet paper is not natural right? Hippies who don't eat anything that doesn't come directly from the earth, wear hemp, dont touch plastic bags & now won't use toilet paper.

 God help us
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 Relax, reusable and biodegradable hemp tp both exist. THANK JESUS! Because i can't take another stank off of the granola, vegan PSO mom who uses crystals in place of deodorant and natural cleansers when she bathes once a week. 🤭🤢🤭🤮
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 They are doing their bit so that decadent people like us can wipe our boxes 😂
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Im pretty sure you are the only adult female in australia who dosnt wipe themselves after going to the toilet. 🙄

I will never forget you, 😂🤣😂😵😱🤦🏼‍♀️

The only time I've ever not wiped is when ive been on the toilet and heard one of my kids do something they shouldn't or cry.. or if I had to do the waddle to get toilet paper. I had no idea people think it's optional LOL

Yeah, nah. I’ve never not wiped. Never.

 ^what do you do. Squeeze?
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 Never NOT wiped
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 Yuk I agree. Unless there's no loo paper then I shake shake shake 😄
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I consider myself one of the lucky ones, i have abundant toilet paper and no leakage ever (after 3 kids!) if thats not lucky, i dont know what is!

Sorry Asians,


Are you Asian?

 I’m Asian....I wipe. Sometimes I’ve had to pay 5/10cents for the toilet paper in Asian countries.

Didn’t realise not wiping was considered an Asian thing

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 Well the fact you have to pay for toilet paper per sheet pretty much confirms that its an Asian thing not to wipe, not everyone will pay the 10c.

Also Asian people commonly dont use nappies for their babies so toileting is done a bit different in Asian country’s, compared to western, (im not saying one is right and the other is not).... id say less asians wipe then western people lol.

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Well now you know it's not normal behavior

 😂 it wouldn't have even been something I would have thought about bragging about lol
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