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How do you clean your oven?

I have a pyrolitic oven but I try now to use that function in the summer, just to hot. I hate cleaning ovens using strong cleaners, my lungs feel like they are on fire, even with a mask on. So is there anything you use to clean the oven with that don't involve those harsh strong burning chemicals? And how much elbow grease do you use?


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Iv tried a lot of the natural approaches... I don't use "chronicles any where else in my house but once a year I spray my oven with the strong shit

It's just too much hard work otherwise

I put an ovenproof dish full of water in a 150°C oven for about a half hour before turning the oven off, then with my heat resistant gloves (I nicked a pair of my dads welding gloves) I take a damp cloth and wipe over everything I can, wringing and rinsing as I go. The steam lifts most of the gunk off so all I have to do is wipe it.

Mix up a paste of baking soda lemon juice and a tiny squirt of detergent then use a sort scrubbing brush or tooth brush to apply and scrub then leave for at least 15 minutes. To remove use more lemon juice or white vinegar and you can scrub a little more if it needs it. Then water and a cloth to get everything off

Have heard baking soda (and maybe white vinegar- not entirely sure but google has a lot to offer;) ) work amazing in place of harsh chemicals.
Could be worth looking up/into....