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Anyone had an endoscopy? I’m SO AFRAID

Has anyone had an endoscopy? Is it painful? I have severe anxiety over it and am very afraid of any medical procedures, I was told I am getting sedated and will be asleep during the procedure but what about afterwards? Do you really not notice the tube down your throat in your stomach?


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I've had 3. They're honestly fine! You'll be asleep, can feel a bit funny going to sleep but only lasts like 5 seconds. When you wake up you'll feel groggy, bit out of it. But no pain. I just had a dry throat, feels a little scratchy but that's it. You'll be ok, it will be over before you know it. Big hugs xx

 Aw thank you for you assurance I’m just sitting down waiting to go in I feel much better now thanks!!
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 no but have had a colonoscopy and even had severe worry about being put to sleep, the whole concept of medical procedures, needles, cameras, anything going in me mortifies me so I get it even though we are talking about different procedures.
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I watched my husband have his I videoed it he was fine after

I have not had one but my 10 year old had one when he was 7. They sedated him and he felt nothing. He didn’t even realise it had been done when he woke up. He didn’t have any pain afterwards and was released to go home that afternoon. I am sure you will be ok. Talk to your medical team about your fears, they should be able to walk through the process and answer any questions you have.

You wake up afterwards thinking you woke up too early & they haven't done the procedure yet 😂
I was also paranoid until i had it done ( i have to have them done yearly now) you do not feel a thing

Had one a couple of months back. I'm a massive wimp! Honestly, it was absolutely fine! I didn't have a scratchy throat. I didn't feel different after. It was like I didn't have anything done.

You'll be fine. It doesn't take long at all.

I had one years ago. They give you a twilight sedation. So you’re not quite asleep because you need to follow simple instructions but enough that you won’t remember it. You’ll only know you had it because your throat will feel a bit scratchy. Honestly, it’s a very simple procedure. You will be home after just a few hours.

Hubby has had several. You may have a scratchy throat after. You are usually either awake but completely out of it or knocked out the whole time. It's a really simple thing. It only takes about 30-45 mins or so, if everything is normal. They can give you medication to take the morning of so you aren't freking out.