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I have asked my husband to leave

I have been asking my hubby to help me more and get more motivation in our buisness and show more interest in everything basically. He is holding us back to be honest and im sick of fighting. I have asked him to leave. Whats some next steps now. We rent. We have no money so thats not an issue but i just want him gone.


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You can break a lease however there are costs involved like subletting costs, real estate charge you rent until someone is found to move in. You are responsible for the advertisement costs etc if you are breaking the lease. Is this possible?

If you have had enough and tried counselling and tried to work through it all then its all well and good but you need to be wise where you go next. Maybe if he won't move u should move out.

You can break your part of the lease and he will have to pay it all or rent a room out or he leave and u stay.

When does your lease finish? I would tell you husband you are moving out when the lease is over, and find a new place without him.

OP 12 months :-(
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 Can you have your name removed from the lease?
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Can you move out from where you are?

Personal experience, it's hard to throw someone out of the house if they don't want to leave and you can't have them removed by police if it's just because you don't like them anymore lol. Especially if their name is on lease

OP I can but its another 12 months :-(
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 Oh that sucks
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 You can get out of a lease on the grounds of hardship like separation, ask the court house for paperwork
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