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Would you pay to attend a wedding?

I have a friend who is getting married. This friend is infamous in our circle for her tight-arsedness. This time she has sent out her wedding invitations and has stated that the RSVP to accept the invitation will be the receipt of $65 into her bank account to pay for it.

To be clear, she doesn't have any children, has a great job, owns her home, and travels internationally a lot.

I think it's funny. What do you think?


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In lieu of gifts, I have seen this done. Typically gifts are all household needs, if she already has a house, why not just get the money.

What a tight arse. But if you are gonna go, at least you wouldn't have to get her a gift. Can sort of see why she already owns her own place. Lol

I find it absolutely disgusting that people expect their guests to pay to attend their wedding. If they can not afford to pay for their guests then maybe they should have a smaller wedding with out all the over the top decorations which are only going to be thrown out later anyway.

I think she would have to be a really close friend for me not to think this wasn't rude. Also she would be getting a really crap wedding present from me.

I would never and didn’t ask my guests to pay. You want a wedding you pay or just elope haha

Nah. If they can't afford it why make other pay. They are meant to be your guests and they were invited. I think it is rude

It is pretty common, we're not asking people to pay a cent towards our wedding as i find it inappropriate but I've never been to a wedding where i didn't have to fork over for the meal. One couple had this huge expensive wedding yet we still had to pay 75 bucks each to go. They had an open bar but i hate that as an excuse because not everyone drinks. I have had to miss out on receptions before because we couldn't afford the meal at the time. I don't like it but it's becoming the norm these days

 Are you going to tell people not to purchase gifts also?
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 Yes because i don't think a wedding requires gifts, it's a party to celebrate our marriage not an excuse to get gifts, we already own a house and everything in it plus have kids what could we possibly need. We are having drinks and alcohol supplied but also letting people know they are welcome to BYO in that department if they wish.
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 And are you also paying people's travel and accommodation costs?
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 I don't have to, we are having it at home and all our guests are local except my dad who i will be putting up for accommodation and the best man who is more than happy to travel (and will be staying with his family for free) as my husband to be was his best man and did the same for him. We are having less than 50 guests and a small wedding because that's all we can afford. We won't be putting ourselves in debt and expecting family and friends to pay just so we can have a huge wedding that is no more meaningful than a small one.
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 Sounds like a fun wedding, I hope you have a fantastic day!
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It's fair to say that you might spend that amount on gifts, but it's still rather tacky as not very traditional or in the spuri of tbe day!

 Who says people need to be traditional?
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 Who says you have a right to ask for money?
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 I'm not asking anyone for money, just asking you why you think everybody needs to do things in a way you personally approve of or "traditionlly".
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Wouldn't get huffy, but that 65 bucks would be her gift as well...

It depends who it was for. I'd have absolutely no problem paying for someone I was close to. It is a very common practice for people to pay for their own meals.

She is rude and gate crash the wedding

 Because gate crashing someones wedding is the opposite of rude and a perfectly natural response?
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 Gate crash? She won't have anywhere to sit.
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