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What school photo package do you get?

Do you get the group + portrait ones
Or just the portrait one?


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I get the group and some individual ones. Costs $30 and I'm happy to pay it!

I get the group and sibling photos. Grandies love them. And I like looking at my old school photos, so want them for my kids too.

School was a thousand years ago for me and the other day I stumbled across a class photo from when I was in year 5 or 6. So cool to see it. Glad my mum didn’t think it a rip off like a pp and not buy those photos, they really have become priceless to me! I say yes, get the group one as well as the portraits.

They edit them now WHICH I HATE. Get rid of school photos i say.

 No they don't?? They always take them after lunch and my kids have dirty clothes and messy hair and bright red faces from running around and they don't make an effort to neaten the kids or edit anything.
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The group plus the portraits. The portraits mostly go to the grandparents, and the group goes into a folder. I want them to have those school photos to look back on. I paid I think $70 this year for my 2 kids groups + portraits.

I hate school photos! They are a complete waste of money and they need to stop doing them. Seriously who looks at their school photos? You literally pay for the photo, the kid gets given it in class (thats what your paying for, so they wont be left out) then you look at it put it in a draw and never look at it again or throw it out. This year i want to be strong enough not to order them id rather give my kid the money!

 Plenty of people do 🤷‍♀️
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 Plenty of people do not 🙄
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 ^I’ll counter that with a some do some don’t. And I’ll add two eye rolls to your one 🙄🙄
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I get the cheapest package that includes a digital download, then print decent sized copies for grandparents.
I'd happily pay for a single digital portrait if I could as the ridiculous array of physical photos they make us buy to get one get shoved in a drawer.
I only get them as it's a good way to get a clear, close up photo as we don't do professional photo shoots for our kids (most people we know do) & it's always been a nice photo.
I don't care about class photos.

I just get the group one with no portraits. I like the idea of my kids looking back at all their old friends and remembering. Relatives are professional photographers so the portraits never look as good as what relatives give us for free.

Ugh this year they didn't even return my daughters and my son they gave me the wrong group class & the school were no help because it was a contractor.
Such a waste of money , so I'll never bother again. Usually the package with class and individual