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Why is so hard for some people to say sorry?

Sorry i hurt you, sorry i cheated, sorry i bitched about you etc. All you have to do is apologise & you could have that friend back or have that partner back. Pride is such an issue for some people.


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Because they aren't sorry at all

 Yep I'd rather no apology than a fake one.
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Because then they are admitting they are in the wrong. It's easier to put the blame on someone else.

Oh I so understand where you are coming from. I dont understand why people cant admit to the mistakes or for hurting you. I always say sorry.

Omg who are you and can we be friends! This is so relevant to me!!!
Empathy, no one has empathy anymore! It’s sick!

 Yes i completely agree
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 Lol I'm actively seeking more of "my" people too.
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I think that some people have a self entitle attitude that it is beneath them to admit any wrong doing and if that is the case then you really are better off without them in your life just move on and be glad they won't hurt you anymore

My husband has probably apologised less than 5 times in our ten years together. And it should have been a LOT more. I see it as a weakness not to admit you're wrong and to be ok with being a real person who makes mistakes and feels remorseful and learns from it. Some ppl like my husband would rather blame everyone and everything else and never admit fault because then deep down they think they aren't good enough or just too proud so best to deflect. Sigh

 Sounds like you need to ditch your husband.
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I say sorry for my part, to prompt the other person to apologise. Like "I'm sorry I swore at you but..." Sometimes people get too stubborn to admit they have done wrong but if they see you're not there just to butt heads they might take the grown up approach and see what they've done is wrong.

Saying sorry is taking responsibility for their actions. If they aren’t prepared to see that they were wrong they aren’t going to apologise.

Agree with everything already said. Further to that, a lot of people also have a heard time with forgiveness. As hard as it is for some people to say sorry, it’s also hard for others to truly forgive.