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How do you do your taco nights?

What do you have on them? How do you serve it all up? Let's taco bout it :)


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It's nacho business 😅

OP Omg I love that you went there. *Fist Bump*

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Lettuce, cheese, cut tomatoes, salsa, sour cream. We love our Mexican nights but burritos & nachos night are our favs. Wish i had someone to drink margaritas with though.

 You need beans in mix too
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 For sure
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OP Yeah I use re-fried beans in my meat mix
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 I like black beans. I tried refried but they just weren't for me. Sometimes navy beans if i can't find black.
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Yuk I hate tacos

 We can't be friends
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OP And you thought this comment would be helpful..... like, at all?
Move along Sully, we've got tacos to make

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I put out all the usual salad stuff and a whole lot of sour cream and cheese. My kids just pile that on.

I put everything on the table in separate bowls or plates and then everyone makes their own with whatever they want on them. Taco mince, mashed avocado, sour cream, salsa, red onions, hommus, kidney beans, lettuce, tomato, grated cheese, cucumber. Usually not all of that at once just depends what we have.

 This is what I do too and then usually glad wrap for lunch the next day
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We use one of those round platter bowls with the different sections. And then the meat in a seperate bowl.
We have lettuce, tomato, cucumber, grated carrot, avocado, grated cheese, corn kernels, depending what we have at home. Sometimes I do beans instead of mince.
We usually have hard shells but lately we've been getting into the soft shells.

Mmmmm tacos 🌮