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Question for Kindy Teachers

During hot days, do you make sure kids have water? As in, telling the children to take a break from playing outside to have sips from their water bottles? And during lunch time, do you check to see if the children are eating?


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Not a teacher but an Assistant. The kids have to sit in a certain area and are not allowed to leave until they have finished, or if the can't eat anymore or don't like something it goes back in the lunchbox, not bin, so parents can see what they don't eat. Water bottles get taken out at the same time as lunch, they are encouraged to drink before playing. It is part of the lining up routine to have a drink before going back into class. Drink bottles are taken inside and children are allowed to drink whenever they like, unless they are obviously taking advantage of that( like wanting a drink 5 minutes after the first one). Fruit time in the morning is toilet, wash hands, fruit, drink, play. They always have access to water bottles and encouraged to refill them from the water coolers outside if drinks get empty or too warm. We are in a hot, dry town.

Yep all the time. If they are busy they won't think to take themselves off so I just ask them regularly or if I have a few minutes free I'll take the crate of their water bottles outside and had them out. I thought everyone did this?

My son used to only eat his (homemade) cookie from his lunchbox. His teacher approached me and said she encourages all the kids in her class to eat their proper lunch before their treats. I believed her because after time, I noticed he was eating some of his sandwich. And I've also noticed, the days she isn't there, he doesn't eat any of his sandwich! On hor days noticed he brings his water bottle home near empty, so I'm sure she makes sure the kids have enough to drink too.

If its too hot we don't take the kids out for long or at all. We take the drink bottles with us and if its hot I sit them down in the shade and offer the drink bottles.
At lunch I watch how much the kids eat at my table and write it on the day sheet. This is a kindy room at child care

My kids kindy teachers were great, made sure they ate, drank, but then they get to pre primary and year 1 and no teachers look after them or check what they are eating or drinking. Talk to the teacher to try and get her to remind him but continue in trying to get him to remember himself- this will help him as he gets older and the teachers aren't there to remind him. Good luck.

Op here: You sound like wonderful teachers. Today i picked up my son from Kindy and his water bottle was full. I said you didnt drink water today? He said I just forgot. Unpacking his lunch boxes, he took one bite from his morning tea and his V8 juice box was unopened for lunch. I said what did you drink today? He said nothing. All day. It was hot and they played in water and mud outside today. This is a Kind, not child care. Is this something I sshould bring up? I'm angry and upset, but I fear that she'll make his life hell if I complain. I'm having issues with this teacher but am scared she'll treat him unfairly if I complain. I wish he had a lovely teacher like how you sound.

 I have had parents make my life hell but have NEVER taken it out on a child or seen it happen.
Its always ok to talk to staff about anything. Just be polite or say you are worried your child is being slack and could they pls remind him.

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 My 7 year old is the same, and will go all day without drinking. I bribe him with treats if he comes home with an empty drink bottle. I also freeze his popper so it's nice and icy to drink with lunch.
Probably not ideal, but if some chocolate or biscuits means he remembers to drink, then it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of life.

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 Thank you, I will try to raise my concerns. I just never know how to approach it. Again, thank you. Op btw ☺
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 Approach calmly and explain that your child needs reminding to have a drink.
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 When kids are busy playing they totally forget but the teachers should definitely be reminding them. I teach reception/prep and make sure everyone eats and drinks. Mostly so no one gets the hangrys in the afternoon haha but also they are just too busy or talking to their friends. It's not automatic for little people to recognise hunger or thirst. Totally bring it up and just say you're worried about the hot weather. Or if you're desperate say it's doctors orders to drink more water?! Good luck.
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