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5 year old boy behaviour

Does anyone have 2 young boys? What is their behaviour like? I know there are perfect well behaved ones out there but I am sometimes concerned about mine. They get quite silly and wild together. Sharing / fighting is an issue. One person upset because one won't play his game, or play his way. Anger / the odd hitting/roaring. Sometimes my 5 year old does random naughty things like was mucking about on the way out door of kindy today and knocked over a tower that was on the table made by someone - on purpose. It was like he thought it was funny or something. I just don't get why. Anyway I don't tolerate this, got cross, spoke to him and made him go find the person and say sorry. But yeah sometimes just silly destructive nonsense. Am I the only one!? I don't want to make excuses and am just curious to see what's 'normal' for this age.


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Your explaining my 5 and 3 yo boys exactly. Its normal but very annoying

we have 2 boys and a Girl its is normall boy/ girl behaviour at that age. Kids at those ages are in the stage of developing social skills and this is how they learn and we as adults have to teach them right and wrongs on how to behave . Kids have good and bad days

I have a 6yr old boy and 4yr old girl and they're like this too. I think most siblings argue at least some of the time

I have 2 boys and have both had them go through what you described. The constant fights too, it’s like they are competing for the alpha or something. Then they are so sweet, they play and giggle and say the kindest things to each other. Boys are complicated creatures.

 Not just boys - I think it’s the age and also the age gaps between siblings. My girls are 4 and 6 and constantly jostling (and wrestling and boxing) for top dog.
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Mother of 4 boys here... ITS A BOY THING! Every silly is funny. Our household is loud rough they’ve turned our living room into a football field and apparently I can’t walk through till after halftime...they use a plush ball of course.
Don’t be concerned at all...enjoy the journey they eventually grow out of it..I hope!
Perhaps use a reward chart system for good behaviour and remove privileges for naughty behaviour

Ugh, you just described my 2 boys aswell. They're 10 and 8 now. Doesn't get any better. Does your head in