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Flying interstate & baby stuff

So I'm flying from Vic to qld and it's only for 3 days. Are you allowed to take the formula powder onboard? Like can I just put enough that I need for those days into a snaplock bag into my suitcase or would it need to be the tin or what do I do? It's not cheap so I don't want to go buying another when I'm there


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I took my baby's formula in a tin, on an international flight and it was all ok

Answered by OP

Yeah I rang them and am able to take it in a snaplock bag.

I flew qantas and took formula in one of those things that holds three feeds of formula and water in bottles. It's was fine, but check with the airline. I'm sure you could take a tin of formula in your suitcase, just either get a new tin or tape the lid on.

Make up the bottles you need for the flight. Pack your tin in your case. We flew interstate (WA to vic, WA to NSW, WA to QLD) when our eldest was a baby and this is what we did. No issues.

I think you have to contact the airlines and check with each.