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What is the nicest thing someone has done for you?


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About ten years ago now, I had gone to the shops on my way to the hospital. My daughter had been born at 27 weeks about four weeks before hand and it was still a touchy issue for her; whether she would survive or have problems.
I would go to this one shop all the time to buy lunch on the way there and this day I managed to not check my mirrors or head check and I reversed into this woman's brand spanking new Mercedes (being 22 I had a crappy Camry) I caused a crack on her indicator and that was it, luckily. So I cried, everything was on top of me, this was the icing on the cake. I didn't cry my sob story at her, but I figure a young woman who is crying about not having insurance (who needs it when you're young, lol) and a baby seat in the car with no baby is a site to behold. She told me to stop crying because her son owns his own panel beaters and she would get him to fix it. She hugged me and said goodbye.

Never, ever have I forgotten her or her kindness and I recently paid it forward when someone damaged my (now insured) car.

 That's a beautiful story, thanks for sharing it :)
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I went to a wedding with hubby once where I didn't know many people at all. He was having a great time and I sat in the table feeling a little awkward. A friend of a relative was sat nearby on another table and piped up saying they thought I looked really beautiful that night! It made me feel so happy. Something so small, I still remember it years later!

I had pnd with my first baby, my husband took baby to his mothers for wknd and booked and paid for me and my two besties to go away and have massages, facials and pedicures for the wknd. Whenever I feel mad at him, remembering that helps 😊

 naww that's so sweet
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 Oh wow!! That's beautiful and gave me goosebumps!! He's a keeper xx
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 It's also great that your mother in law was also supportive 🙂
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My foster mother raised me, she taught me everything, all my morals values and beliefs are thanks to her. She was there for me when noone else was. I am a better parent, partner and person because of her. Although we are no longer in contact I still silently thank her every day for all that she did for me and one day because of her example I hope to foster children also.

 May I ask why your not in contact ?
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 Op of this comment, we had a falling out after I decided to return to my bio family as a teen, shortly after I left the country for a few years and when I returned she had moved house and I couldn't find her.
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 Have you tried those reconnect Facebook pages?
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