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Happy ending massage

Found out hubby had one on our honeymoon
i think its cheating
he doesnt


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Omg on your honeymoon? Seriously? That is atrocious.

 Agreed. To do this to your spouse/partner at any point in a relationship is such an awful betrayal, but to do this on your honeymoon has to be the lowest thing ever. What a start to your marriage. Makes you wonder how he could even take his vows seriously at all. What kind of trust would you have going forward? I wish she found out immediately. At least she could have possibly got the marriage annulled if that's what she wanted. If he can do this on his honeymoon I do not see why he would stop doing it at all.
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I would find a male that does happy ending massages, go and enjoy myself, then tell hubby all about it. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

Totally cheating!! How does he thinks thats ok on your honeymoon?
So hand jobs are not cheating in his eyes... How would he feel if you got fingered by someone else?

I asked my partner if he would get one and he said "no because 1- that's disgusting and cheating, I'm in a relationship and if I need to pay for it then obviously I'm not in a good one and 2- you'd probably cut my dick off and feed it to me if I did" haha he knows me well 😂

I would be pissed. How long ago was honey moon. If a while ago, the fact he said nothing until now says he already knew you wouldn't like it.

 Not to mention such bad manners on a honeymoon lol
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Yeah its cheating and it's disgusting. It's not therapeutic either. Rubbing your oiled tits up against a man as you straddle his head just close enough that he can't get to it but that he has a good view is cheating. It's called a reverse body slide. It's cheating 100% it used to really annoy me when married men come in. All they do is bitch about their wives and make excuses and they 80% of the time ask for a little more than a hand job. I would be kicking his arse. I would be beyond angry. My worst nightmare is that my husband will cheat on me and my perfect family will fall apart.
If you saw the documentaries on the industry you would be horrified. In my previous 10 years as a masseuse before I joined the church and had a boatload of children I came upon 2 places using literal slave labor, these girls couldn't leave, passports gone. Police didn't care. Poor Asian women.

Yes, totally cheating, but whether it's worth ending a relationship over I'm not sure 😕

As stated, there's nothing wrong with open relationships or people having a non "stereotypical relationship" as long are both are happy with it, but she needs to call it what it is.

 this was a reply to up there ^^^^

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I asked my husband, for a man's perspective. Cheating definitely. He said if someone touches your junk for your pleaseure and you are in a relationship, you are cheating. On your honeymoon, fair to say you should be pissed off.

Um yes totally cheating! How would he feel if you did it?

Well interesting overeactions from those not in the relationship! I've had quite a few therapeutic massages in my time due to my exercise regimes & lack of follow up stretching. More recently as a single guy, I've started venturing down the path of a happy ending massage. I commonly get asked if I want one (not always), to which I usually reply yes. I don't ask for them & I've only ever been asked if I wanted sex once, from a masseuse in Scandinavia! Never anywhere else or ever before!

 So someone other than your significant other getting you off (without their knowledge our consent) is not cheating? Does a prostitute calling themseves masseuse make it ok? Far out. Stay single.
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 Yes! For goodness sake, if this is something you think you need in your do not get married!!!
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 "Therapeutic Massage" 😂........right.....whatever makes it easier to justify!
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I’m really confused. My husband went to one & she ended up having sex with him. He told me & Swore he didn’t realise it was going to involve sex. She put a condom on and had sex with him but he didn’t stop it. He only told me as he started to get sick about 5 weeks later and thought he may have caught something. Luckily we are safe. But to me I’m sickened & disgusted. We have a very healthy sex life with three young children under 6. Receiving counselling but he didn’t think he did anything that wrong. Where as I’m not sure if our 25 years together is over. I’m just not sure I can move in. I think the whole thing is quite disgusting.

 So did he end up catching anything from her?
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 I am sorry this happened to you. But how on earth can he not think he did anything wrong?
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 I think it's unacceptable he expects you to move on
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And he only TOLD you because he thought he had caught an STD. If he hadn't become unwell, he was never going to tell you!! He kept the secret for 5 straight weeks. I couldn't stay in the marriage if it was me. He has betrayed you something terrible

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Woh, male here and I wouldn’t even dare do that, why wouldn’t he ask you and then do the same for you, “sigh” we are a fickle breed