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“Adult” party games?

My husband and I are trying to spice things up a bit and were wondering how common “adult” party games were with other couples? Not full on swinging or anything, but if you have friends over for drinks have people played truth or dare, or any other games that ended up with any kissing, touching or nudity with other people? Would be really appreciative of any examples of what has happened and how to approach the idea with other couples?


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I would NEVER do this with friends or people I knew. Too much chance it'll be awkward or something will go wrong and you'll never be able to look them in the eye again. Much much better to do this with people you meet online, I'd keep it ALL online/webcam if it was me but you could also use the internet to find local people willing to meet up (always a risk!)

I know someone who tried a foursome with another couple they knew & her husband ended up leaving her for the other woman! Not that that's definitely gonna happen of course, but just some anecdotal evidence of it not going well!

Hide the sausage

 Sorry. Vegetarian 😂
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 Hide the cucumber
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 ^^What a wonderful imagination 💙
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Sounds kind of fun!
I'd say you could kind of makeup your own games. Spin the bottle. Strip poker etc have fun guys!! And be careful :)

Spin the bottle and make your own rules

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 You're NEVER too old for spin the bottle 😂
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Strip poker (or strip [insert any game/board game here]), spin the bottle? I'm sure you could find a Reddit sub or something to ask this question to, and receive advice.

Have you tried any of the adult webcam chat sites? (Not sure what the names of them are - anyone else know?)