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Salad ideas please

I need a salad to go with a sausage sizzle. It needs to be vegan, gluten free and nut free for a party so I can't make the usual potato or pasta salad or Cesar salad and I'll be making garden salad but want something else as well.
I'm so sleep deprived from a baby that wakes all night that I can't think of anything.
Can anyone help with any ideas please?
Thank you ☺


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I love a simple tomato and onion salad. Just add a drop of oil and salt. Let it rest for a few hours and it's so delicious

asian salad - cole slaw with shallots and asian dressing. Yum.

Pesto pasta salad (gluten free pasta)

 Oopes sorry no nuts
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The cafe I used to work at made loads of salads with grains. Roast off some vege, anything, olive oil, fresh herbs and toss it through some buckwheat or quinoa and hey presto, a guaranteed hit!!

 Actually check out the feasting at home website for loads of salad ideas.
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