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Does Santa leave gifts for kids that are not at your house?

If your kids are staying with their other parent, does Santa leave toys at both places?


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Yes, and I hate it. My partner insists that santa leaves gifts for his daughter when she arrives in the afternoon. My kids get to spend the rest of the day hearing how she is the best child, as santa comes to her twice. Well this year I'm prepared! She won't be the best child.

 "She won't be the best child"... What a bizarre thing to say. Are you alright in the head?
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 Santa is leaving her a note saying he hopes it's ok to leave half her presents here, and half at her mum's, and haven't got heaps from santa this year. My partner has been told if she isn't pulled up on it this year, next year my kids and I will go away for Christmas, and they can sit on their own Christmas night looking at pics of us having fun without them on Facebook.
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Tell the little bitch the truth about Santa if she carries on about whose the best!!!
Personally I would make sure my kids Santa gifts were out of this world better!!! Atleast double hers!
That’s why I would suck being part of a blended family

Why not just gifts from her dad? Then he can take all the credit 😂. Say “Santa left all his presents at your mums this year, because we told him that was where you were staying”. Why would Santa divide his gifts between two houses? That’s dumb. F**k I hope I never get divorced and have to deal with this bullshit. 💩

 It certainly is bullshit.
The kids all get the same amount and same value of gifts. If santa comes to my kids then they get more than sd, so Santa brings the same amount to all the kids. If dad gives the Santa gifts to his daughter, she got more.
Step daughter sees this and likes to tell my kids that santa came to her twice, she got more so must be the best kid (this is on a loop, until she falls asleep).
It's an attempt to make it equal, but usually means someone will end up feeling like crap, and it's usually my kids.
I can take them away for Christmas, and be with my family, but then my partner has to spend most of the day alone, or not see his daughter.

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 Yes, but she would be getting the same amount of parent presents as your kids....... why not let your kids open their Santa presents before she comes, then wait til you are all together to do the ones from you and partner and they will all be equal.
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 I can't make my kids wait all day to open their presents, she doesn't arrive until later in the day.
I have put a few extra toys in my kids stockings, she won't know, but if she carries on they can point out that they got more.

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 I don’t see why not- they can open their Santa presents right away and only have to wait for the others until later. Simple solution.
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 I agree it would probably work, as they would be distracted by the gifts, but I really can't make my kids wait all day. If they are made to wait because of their step sister, they are going to hate her.
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Yes and i don't like it but my ex started it years ago so now i have to go along with it.

Schedule Santa for when your child/children have a decent length of time to enjoy the gift/s. Which might be anytime during the school holidays.